Monday, March 18, 2013

Ask the experts with Nick Haynes

Ask The Experts 
Nick Haynes – Stylist/Colorist/Men’s Hairstyles

You’re one of the newest stylists at What’s New. How did you get started?

Of course, I grew up surrounded by two great hair stylists at home. Originally I thought I wanted to do something different, but I began to start thinking seriously about hair in about 2007. I went to school, and I joined What’s New in 2009 as a stylist.

What made you look more seriously at styling?

It is a real personal experience for me and for clients. Aside from say, a doctor, it’s the only other profession I can think of where clients allow us to physically get close to them. Clients let us into their world for that time they are here, and you concentrate on them, what they want, and the expertise you provide. It’s fun to see clients light up when you’ve created a style on them that looks great.

You’ve quickly developed a clientele in a short time, would you say?

Yes, it has been very gratifying and has developed over time via the Internet and word-of-mouth. Right now of my female clientele, about 80 per cent of them have long hair. Long hair provides the range of everything from updos to color to the variety that long hair offers women.

For styling, how do men differ from women?

Men are much more particular than women. They arrive with a very specific idea of the overall look they want and the hairstyle they want.

So men come in with more specific ideas about their hair. But what if it’s not right for them?

That’s where we talk about it. I listen to what they want, but if they want something that their hair simply will not do through the cut, the products or both, I make my recommendations. Together we come up with a style that meets that client’s needs. They pay for my expertise and appreciate a style that looks good on them and that their hair will do, and that they can do at home.

What is popular right now among men?

Right now, I do a lot of looks that are messy and more aggressive on top. The top is longer, with short sides that are what we call “disconnected.” That cutting technique means that we blend it from the bottom up vs. the traditional way of blending from the top down.

What role do products play with men, and do you have to educate men more?

Products play a big role in achieving the right look whether it’s men or women. Men want a great look and quick, easy products to work with to achieve that look.

What is another difference in men’s styling that you’ve seen?

For men, I think it’s more about the overall experience. Women grew up coming to hair salons and are used to it. Most men grew up going to the barbershop for a quick cut. Due to that, many men tell me that they’d never had their hair shampooed by someone else – and they really like it. Men are not as used to pampering, so the time they spend here is truly a time they enjoy relaxing and spending on themselves.

What is the biggest challenge in working with men and men’s styles?

I think the biggest challenge is that some men feel uncomfortable working with products or certain methods – that they think it’s not “manly.” As I’ve said before, the easier the product, the better. But here’s an example where men will go that extra mile to achieve the look they want: I use a flat iron on some men’s hair to achieve a look they want. Although they may be uncomfortable doing this at home at first, once they try, they see how easy it to do themselves.

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