Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Advice about Facials

Ask the Expert
Tammy Young give some great advice about facials.

People have always associated facials as a “special treat” for relaxing and getting their skin cleaned and moisturized.  Has that changed?

There is still that special treat factor, but because of improved products, research, methods and equipment, it’s become much more than that.  It’s a way of uniquely addressing problem skin.  For many clients, it is the foundation for continuing skin care, whether it’s remedying problem skin or maintaining healthy skin – it’s more mainstream than in the past.

What is the biggest misconception about having a facial?

One size fits all is the biggest misconception about facials – it’s the way things were done in the past.  Regardless of your age, each person’s skin is unique with its own set of characteristics and issues.  Continuing scientific research and discoveries that lead to improved products and methods enable us to tailor a skin care program that it unique to each client to address issues head-on.

Walk me through the process you go through when a client books a facial.

I’ll use our Signature Facial as an example.  I start with an extensive consultation with the client to learn about allergies, skin reactions or other conditions that they have experienced in the past.  I look at the client’s skin under a lighted magnifying glass to identify any problems that may not be even immediately noticeable to the client or the naked eye.  I then create a facial or a program to address the specific needs of that particular client, using appropriate products and methods unique to their skin. 

So a client may be thinking one kind of facial and they get another type of facial?

It happens a lot, which I discuss with the client during the consultation.  For example, a client may have originally come in wanting a smoothing, anti-aging treatment, but the client has some blemishes.  An anti-aging procedure at that time would be too heavy to do and would tend to aggravate blemishes.  It would not be the best use of the client’s time or money.  For this client, I would recommend a unique treatment that would first deal with the blemishes.   Once that has cleared up, we can then move on to other types of treatments that are appropriate to that client. 

I see multitudes of products available at the drug and department stores – cleansers, masks, moisturizers, and a variety of other products that may cost a little or a lot.  People can create their own facials at home.  Do they work as well and what are the benefits of having professional facials? 

A professional facial offers clients products, services and tools that are either not available at home or you’re unable to do at home.  Take facial cleansing for example:  your skin is like a sponge.  No matter how well you cleanse your face at home, there is still a gradual buildup of makeup over time.  As experienced professionals, we have access to products that are stronger and/or with ingredients that are not available over the counter.  Coupled with our experience and specific tools, the results of at-home products are not as good.  Professional facials offer the best results possible for the money. 

What is the biggest mistake that clients make? 

It is using the same daily skin care regime that a client used, say, in their 20s.  We all know skin changes and ages – what worked in your 20s may not work in your 30s and 40s.  Because your skin care program hasn’t been updated, the products you’re using may be wrong now and can actually be the cause of skin sensitivities.  I recommend for anyone who hasn’t updated their daily skin care regime to do so, using age-appropriate cleansers, moisturizers and masks.  Clients in their 40s, or earlier, definitely need to add a good eye cream.  The skin is naturally very thin around the eye and is the first place you see age-related skin problems.

Every skin care article I read says sunscreen is a must.  Do you agree?

Yes, most definitely.  There was a product trend where moisturizers were combined with sunscreen – an all-in-one product.  However, they found that people have reactions to various sunscreen ingredients, so the products now tend to be again offered separately.  Sunscreen is here to stay year-round for overall skin care.  A very good liquid foundation (but not powder) usually serves as a total sunblock. 

What are the different categories of facials you offer?

The Signature facial lasts an hour and 15 minutes and is more of a spa experience:  skin consultation with specific facial services for that client’s needs, with some perks like a heated table, a comfortable wrap, and a scalp, hand or foot massage.  Our Clinical facial offers skin care only - the same as the Signature but without the additional perks.  The Petite facial, which we call our lunchtime facial, is a 20-30 minute facial using appropriate cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing.  We also offer the Petite during our Spa Parties. 

You also offer a Rosacea facial.  How is this different from your other facials?

Rosacea is a skin condition where the skin is inflamed and may be itchy or painful.  It usually is accompanied by enlarged blood vessels that give the skin a red, ruddy appearance.  Flare-ups are most common among very fair-skinned people of European descent, but can occur in anyone.  These flare-ups can be brought on or aggravated by spicy foods, fruity alcohol such red wine or tequila, hot tubs, cold weather or a number of factors. 

Our Rosacea facial is very gentle. We use no scrubs or acids.  All products and methods we use on our Rosacea clients have anti-inflammatory properties designed to soothe and help take the redness out. 

Finally, what is your secret skin care tip to do at home?

It’s not such a secret, because I tell all my clients this:  Cleanse your face only at night.  You do not need to cleanse again the next morning because it washes away needed natural oils – a splash of water will do each morning. 

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