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Renita Hill Answers Questions About Eyelash Extensions

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An Interview with Renita Hill,  Stylist/Colorist/Certified Great Lengths Extensionist
Hair Replacement Specialist About Eyelash Extensions
Lash Extensions

You’re already well known throughout the area for your hair extensions – and now you’ve added lash extensions to your offerings.  Is this new?

Yes, I am now certified in lash extensions, which is an exciting new service for clients who may want to enhance their lashes in a subtle, natural-looking way.  Unlike false eyelashes, lash extensions are for long-term, daily wear.

How do lash extensions work?

We apply a medical-grade adhesion and we do it “lash for lash.”  That is, we adhere one lash to one of your own natural lashes.  We tailor lash extensions for each client’s needs.  For example, a client can choose to go full, thick, long, curly and anything in between.  It is for everyday wear, and most people will think they are your own natural lashes. 

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits.  First of all, you don’t need to wear mascara with lash extensions.  Lash extensions, unlike false eyelashes, are weightless and designed for everyday wear.  Also, unlike hair extensions, there is no need for “removing” lash extensions.  The extensions shed as your natural lashes normally do.  A client does not feel they are wearing them because they are weightless, nor can people tell if you have lash extensions.

Is there maintenance involved with lash extensions? 

Yes.  Our bodies naturally shed eyelashes at a normal rate and because this is “lash for lash,” this is how you will shed lash extensions.  We recommend maintenance every 3 – 4 weeks, depending upon how you naturally shed your own lashes.

Are there clients that are not suited for lash extensions?

Yes.  People with latex allergies are not good candidates for lash extensions.  Also, people with thyroid problems tend to generally shed hair, body hair, and lashes at a faster rate.     

What is the difference between false eyelashes and lash extensions?

Lash extensions are weightless and are designed for longer wear and everyday wear.  They are subtle:  unless you tell people, no one knows you’re wearing lash extensions.  False eyelashes are for shorter-term wear and tend to be heavy, thus your natural eyelashes fall out sooner due to weight.  Also, false eyelashes are generally obvious:  you can feel that you’re wearing false eyelashes, and most people can tell.  False lashes, unlike lash extensions, are removable.

Changing the subject, you also provide false eyelash services?

Yes.  We offer Eva, the most natural looking of all false eyelashes on the market.  They are strictly for special occasions and are not worn long-term.  As with other false eyelashes, they must be removed and do have some weight.  The client can feel they are wearing them, and others can tell you are wearing false eyelashes. Eva lashes can last up to 2 weeks without maintenance, but the downside is that clients can’t sleep on their sides or stomachs – back sleeping only when wearing Eva lashes.

What makes Eva lashes more natural looking?

They are applied as sets of three, instead of one long band of false eyelashes.  Eva lashes are the best, most natural-looking false eyelashes on the market today.

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