Monday, February 25, 2013

Ask the Experts with Jill Darin

Ask The Experts
Jill Darin, Nail Technician

What are the benefits of having regular pedicures not just in the summer, but also in the winter?

Having regular pedicures year round is a good maintenance program for your nails. Skin and nails tend to get dryer during the winter, so it keeps your feet and nails moisturized, help circulation, and stimulates the nails.

A lot of senior citizens have pedicures. Are there any special considerations?

As people age, their toenails tend to grow thicker, and it may become more difficult to keep your nails cleaned up and at a healthy length. It’s awkward for people of all ages – not just seniors - to trim their own toenails correctly due to the angle you have to be in to trim your own nails. Add to that any mobility or sight issues that seniors might have, and it’s a good way to ensure seniors keep healthy feet and nails. It’s not really age-specific – it’s true for everyone.

What is your most popular pedicure and what does it involve?

Our Signature pedicure takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It’s a good, relaxing way to maintain your pedicure. We work on the nails, cuticles, and callus areas. This is followed by a sugar scrub and a foot and leg massage. The last step is polish, if the client wishes.

Another popular pedicure is the Petite pedicure, which takes about 45 minutes. It offers everything in the Signature except for the sugar scrub and massages.

Can diabetics have pedicures?

Yes, but that’s the first thing we need to know if a client has diabetes. Diabetes affects circulation, many times in the feet, which makes them more prone to infections. We take great care, particularly in trimming cuticles or providing any service that may place a client at risk. For a diabetic client, I recommend talking to your regular physician first.

Is there a magic formula you look for when choosing a nail color for clients?

That’s my most-asked question. Aside from a special event or clothes that you may be trying to match, there really isn’t a special “formula.” It’s really about what color do you like and would like to look at for a week or two. When a client asks me point-blank, I really look at that client’s personality to determine a color. It’s all about feeling good and looking good.

Many people worry a lot about nail fungus. What do you recommend as a treatment?

I have seen through my experience that many people just tend to carry a nail fungus and there’s not a lot a person can do about it. The only real treatment to get rid of nail fungus is to see your doctor to prescribe oral medications. Some topical creams you can buy over the counter can help the way it looks. I recommend keeping toenails clean and trimmed back as much as possible. Then, make sure to apply the topical as directed on the nail and cuticle, and also pushed under the edge of the nail at the top.

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